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Everything about the female cycle

NEW: Realise your dream of having a child with cyclotest myPlan

If you are asking the question “When can I get pregnant?”, cyclotest myPlan will give you the answer. The digital ovulation computer calculates your peak fertility during your menstrual cycle. The mini computer is small and easy to handle, and its operation is simple. By monitoring various signals emitted by the body with regard to ovulation, the days you are fertile can be identified. This knowledge allows you to plan your love life in advance, and brings you one step closer to the baby you’ve been wishing for. The many additional features turn the cycle computer into a valuable information centre with all the important data concerning your menstrual cycle and your health. Have we piqued your interest? Then learn more about the application, advantages, and reliability of cyclotest myPlan.

Der neue Zykluscomputer cyclotest myPlan

NEW: Natural fertility status control with cyclotest myWay

cyclotest myWay mit Messfühler

Are you not quite ready for a baby right now and searching for an alternative to the pill? cyclotest myWay calculates the days you are at risk of a pregnancy. The greatest advantage is that the cycle computer adapts to your own special rhythm. During the days of the month that you are fertile, you can decide if you should use additional means of contraception – for example a condom – or abstain from intercourse altogether. With cyclotest myWay, you attain a high level of certainty with only minimal effort. Get a better sense of the practicality cyclotest myWay affords and take a look at the many additional features it offers. Tracking your Body Mass Index (BMI) is just one example.

The proven generation of devices: cyclotest baby

Perhaps you are already familiar with cyclotest baby, or have at least heard of it? This mini computer also supports you in defining the days of the month you are ovulating and have thus reached your peak fertility. cyclotest baby has been on the market for 25 years and has helped many women realise their dream of having a child. If you are interested in additional features, such as the due date planner, you can take a closer look at cyclotest myPlan, the new generation of the mini computer. Its modern design and attractive extras make using the device enjoyable. If you are not sure which cycle computer best meets your needs, our comparison may help you in the decision making process.

This is cyclotest baby

Tried and true: cyclotest 2 plus

Das ist unser bewährter Zykuscomputer cyclotest 2 plus

The cycle computer, cyclotest 2 plus has been successfully on the market for a long time. Many women who wish to practise a method of contraception that is natural and hormone free have opted for the small cycle computer. The device makes it possible to determine fertility status without invasive means. When am I fertile, when am I infertile? These questions are answered without a great deal of effort. cyclotest 2 plus has the same basic functionality as the new generation cycle computer, cyclotest myWay. Additionally, the newcomer features a touch display as well as many extras. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between the two generations, please go to our comparison.

Ovulation, chlamydia, and pregnancy tests

In this section, you will find information regarding the pregnancy tests by cyclotest. Our early tests can be used up to 4 days prior to the start of your regular period. Simply click on the info button!

The ovulation test measures the concentration of the hormone LH, which signals an impending ovulation. You can read more about cyclotest’s ovulation test by clicking on the info button.

The chlamydia quick test by cyclotest is designed to be administered at home, discreetly and easily. Important information is available for you — just click on the info button!

Tests for self-application by cyclotest

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